Welcome Letters

Welcome Letters

Dear Friends,
I am especially happy that the International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament “Horizon Cup” is coming back strong, evolving and establishing itself in our sports calendar. This is a special initiative, which moves in the direction of the extroversion we want for the future of Gymnastics and helps the further development of the sport, as it is aimed at young people.
With the support of the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation, this new effort has developed into a successful institution, and has the prospect of growing even more, becoming a point of reference for artistic gymnastics at an international level and attracting every year delegations and clubs from Greece and from abroad.
We welcome all the delegations to the 4th “Horizon Cup” and wish them success, as well as a pleasant stay in Thessaloniki.

Athanasios Stathopoulos
President of the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation
President of the “Horizon Cup” Organizing Committee




Dear Friends,
The organization and hosting of high-standard sports events such as the 4th International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament “Horizon Cup” is an important honor for Thessaloniki. In particular, the fact that it is aimed at young gymnastics, emerging champions, giving them the opportunity to gain experience and build their own path with each competition, is another point that gives us joy. We want all these athletes, from Greece and abroad, to have Thessaloniki as their starting point and beautiful memories to accompany them. After all, our city has a rich sporting tradition in all sports and is always welcoming.
The sports hall which will host the competition at the National Gym of Mikra bears the name of our Olympic champion Ioannis Melissanidis – this is also proof of the continuity and high level of artistic gymnastics in Greece and connects the new generations with the path of great athletes of the recent past.
I invite all the people of Thessaloniki to be present and to support the efforts of the new generation of champions. I am sure of the organizational perfection of the 4th International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament “Horizon Cup” as it is organized by the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation in collaboration with AESGVE (Athletic Gymnastics Clubs Union of Northern Hellas).
Good luck to all participants!

Konstantinos Zervas
Mayor of Thessaloniki



Dear Friends,
We are particularly happy to welcome to Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia a very important sports event, supported once again by the Region of Central Macedonia, the 4th International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament “Horizon Cup”.
For three days, up-and-coming gymnasts from all over the world will have the opportunity to open their horizons and gain a unique competitive experience in a high-standard sporting event, which is also the only international artistic gymnastics event in the entire country.
For us in the Region of Central Macedonia, it is our constant choice to support events that promote our place and highlight our rich sports history, but also to strengthen sports and upgrade sports facilities throughout Central Macedonia.
And of course we are and will remain on the side of the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and the Athletic Gymnastics Clubs Union of Northern Hellas, who have been doing a great job over time, promoting the sports ideal and the values ​​of “fair play”.
On November 10-12, all roads lead to the National Gymnasium of Mikra.
We are waiting for you!

Apostolos Tzitzikostas
Governor of Region of Central Macedonia